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Our team of experienced trainers is dedicated to providing the best HVAC training solutions to employees at all levels. We believe in a hands-on approach to learning and our trainers have years of experience in the field.

Chris Walters is the Founder, Director and one of the Instructors of The Training Center of Air Conditioning & Heating. Chris has over 43 years of experience in the HVAC industry and holds a Class “A” air conditioning license in the State of Texas with refrigeration and process heating and cooling endorsements. He is the past President and CEO of Extreme Air Conditioning Services, Inc., a commercial HVAC corporation that was in business for 21 years.  He also served as a Subject Matter Expert on the TDLR Licensing Advisory Board for Air Conditioning & Refrigeration. 

Chris is a member of Texas Air Conditioning Contractors Association.  He has provided hands-on tech training to hundreds of TACCA members.  He is also working with TACCA State developing their Continuing Education Curriculum for in person and online CE courses each year.

Chris started his education in the A/C field in 1976 at Houston Technical Institute. It was clear this would be a challenging and rewarding field and would lead to job opportunities in different areas. During training, Mr. Walters went to work servicing commercial refrigeration systems and ice machines. He learned to build ice machines from parts and prepare them for lease. He then was put in a service van and repaired ice machines, beverage coolers, and dispensers all over Houston.

He continued to work in HVAC during a 16-year employment at a high-rise building. It was here that Mr. Walters learned commercial HVAC, obtained his maintenance electricians license, and obtained his class A State HVAC License. He obtained the universal EPA certificate and attended training at Liebert School in Ohio for computer room air conditioning. He has attended numerous other seminars on cooling towers, R-410 refrigerant, and kept up with all continuing education training required of license holders.  He is also certified in blower door/duct and envelope testing.

Working in the high rise offered experience with chillers, boilers, cooling towers, and all the many different components of high-rise HVAC. Promotions allowed for Mr. Walters to experience the HVAC field from the building management point of view. During this time he was responsible for multi-floor build outs, hiring the mechanical work, and running the in-house construction and maintenance departments.

Mr. Walters oversaw nationwide programs such as ADA compliance and Green Lights energy efficiency that furthered his knowledge of mechanical workings and infrastructure of commercial buildings. Mr. Walters is an accomplished welder and, in the past, frequently welded process chilled and condenser water piping for Extreme Air Conditioning Services, where he was the CEO. Owning an air conditioning company was a lifelong dream that came true in March of 1996. Mr. Walters left his high-rise job and opened the doors of Extreme with focus on both residential and commercial service.

As the past CEO of Extreme A/C, Mr. Walters designed and built custom computer room units, airplane ground cooling units, and other custom A/C units for export to other countries. In addition to building custom air conditioning units, the company also built custom controls for many purposes.

Under Mr. Walters direction there have been controls designed and installed for pumps, computer room temperature alarms, water under the floor alarms, and power loss alarms. Custom designed timer systems can shut down multiple units during unoccupied times. Mr. Walters has a railroad commission exemption that allows service and installation of propane-fueled equipment and stays current with all changes in the industry. He keeps up with many trade publications and stays prepared for changes that affect his customers and employees.

O: ‪(832) 802-9848  

Jennifer Barta, Business Advisor & Partner, brings over 24 years of experience in business development and strategy to our team.

She received her degree from Purdue University in Business Management.  Jennifer’s specializing in business development, website development, financial management, marketing and training.  She has served as a consultant for several businesses to evaluate processes, provide insight, techniques, and tools to make these processes become more efficient and cost effective.

Jennifer Barta is the full time Executive Director of Texas Air Conditioning Contractors Association of Greater Houston. She also is the Part-Time Executive Director of two other chapters, Greater Austin & North Texas. She coordinates meetings, events, training along with handling their financials and marketing.  She also serves as a resource for HVAC contractors, suppliers, distributors & manufacturers throughout Texas.  Her passion is to help introduce new individuals into the HVAC Industry by providing them with quality educational programs & training to close the work shortage gap. 

Jennifer is also in the process of getting her HVAC Contractor’s License and plans to assist Chris in training.
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